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It's helpful to have a wide knowledge of garage doors before you buy new ones. This is a big investment whether you need a new overhead door for your home or a carriage door for your business. But such information comes handy even if you don't plan to replace the garage door any time soon. Both garage doors and gates are too important for your property's security for you to ignore. At Garage Door Repair El Segundo CA, we don't only offer repair and installation services, but do our best to assist clients in any way possible for their own safety. If you are local to El Segundo CA or if you live in neighboring cities, we will be more than happy to help you! Garage Door Repair El Segundo CA

Garage doors yesterday and today

Garage doors have come a long way from the day the first ones were made although their role is still similar to today.

  • The first garage doors were made when cars became popular and there was a growing need to protect them. That's the role of garages still today although many of them are also used as guest rooms, gyms, laundry rooms, or home offices.
  • The first garage door openers, you need top push a button before the entry point. Today, opener technology is quite revolutionary since these electric systems can be active via internet as well. And clickers have become the simplest form of transmitters in spite of their innovative technology.
  • The first material ever used for the construction of the first sectional doors was wood. Today, wood still reigns but it's not the only material available. Aluminum and steel have become a norm for a long period of time, but there are also vinyl and glass doors. Lately, there are also doors made of composite materials which are resistant to elements, scratches, rust, and warps.
  • Once there were only carriage and sectional doors. Today, there are rollups, up-and-over doors and some of the newest ones also have safety parts (hinges, bottom brackets).
  • As a natural insulator, wood made doors energy efficient up to a point at the beginning of the garage door history. Today, doors have insulation on purpose and their thermal resistance is adjusted to one's needs.
  • Garage doors installed in hurricane prone areas weren't stable enough to resist the elementsGarage Door Repair El Segundo CA. Nowadays, they are storm to offer protection.

The Changing Garage Door Over the Years

But some things don't change over the years. The need for garage door repair services has always been a necessity. Although materials are more resistant today, special coatings can offer extra protection. When fasteners get loose so will the parts they secure. And in this case, the door will vibrate, make noise or even jam. So there is need for garage door spring repair, track alignment or opener adjustment.

Make gate repair your priority

Gates might not have such an interesting history, but they are equally important for one's security. And that's what makes gate repair services crucial. Gates have exposure to elements night and day. Their posts and hinges might sag and this problem won't allow you to close the gate. The track of the rolling gate might have damage and that will stop the gate from moving all the way back or close right.

 Garage door opener repair services are significant for both systems. But they must have alignment and proper installation. So it's not just repair services which are vital. Proper gate and garage door installation is also important. And these are the reasons why you need Garage Door Repair El Segundo CA by your side. You can call us if you have questions, need help urgently, or just want routine gate & garage door service.

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