Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair
Garage Door Opener Repair

#1 Garage Door Opener Repair and Installation Service

The status of the garage door mainly depends on the condition of the electric opener. If the settings are not right, the door might remain open. If the sensors don't have alignment, the reverse system won't work. So the way the opener works defines your security, but also your safety. When the clicker has damage or the motor doesn't work, you have to park outside or keep the vehicle in. And such problems are easily solved with the help of the release rope. You just have to pull it to disengage the automatic opener and lift the door manually. But that happens only when the springs don't need repair. Contact Garage Door Repair El Segundo, CA for proper garage door opener repair! 

So the condition of any garage door part is important. But when it comes to openers, the great news is that they are made wisely for easy use and protection. The secret is to choose the right opener for your door and invest in garage door opener repair services. Since these systems are automatic, they need regular inspections. Any problem with their safety system might lead to accidents. And that's the last thing anyone wants. With regular services, you avoid risks. But correct garage door opener installation is equally critical.Garage Door Opener Repair

Motors are the soul of garage door openers

The most vital part of all opener systems is the motor. This is the unit which transfers electric power through the trolley system. There are variations among motors to serve the needs of different doors in terms of their weight. You will find that all brands make motors with ½ horsepower but also motors with ¾ hp, 1 hp, and 1 ¾ hp. As the weight of the door increases so does the power of the motor. And that's important although openers do not actually open the door. But openers must initiate automatic operation. So they must have enough power to do so.

The motor connects to several wires. If they do not correct right or wires damage overtime, the opener won't work. And that's why both garage door opener repair and installation are vital. But such services are also significant when it comes to the other opener parts. The motor might have a chain, belt and screw drive system. And although they all do a similar work, they have different installation. They also need service. Sprockets and gears have damage, the chain need to be tense, and the door arm might need tightening.

Need travel limit adjustment? Call for opener repair

Hidden behind the tiny closed doors of the opener are some switches or buttons, which regulate the way the door moves. The door should move upwards till a certain point before it stops. And when it closes down, it should stop when it reaches the floor. It shouldn't go further than these points or stop before. These settings are known as the travel limit of the door and are adjusted by the opener. During garage door opener repair services, the door's force settings are also checked and should there is a need fixed.

We provide full garage door opener repair services

At Garage Door Repair El Segundo CA, we give attention to every little part of the opener. And these are not the only important components. Whether your opener is Marantec, Craftsman, Genie or Liftmaster, it must have a protection sensing system. Most garage door openers have photo eyes, which are found at the two sides of the door. They see you and thus protect you from a closing door since they reverse it. But if they are not clean or have good alignment, they won't see you. If one of them breaks, accidents can happen. And that's an equally good reason why you should trust our emergency garage door opener repair services in El Segundo CA. You can also call us for opener maintenance.